Welcome to your 30 days of ABUNDANCE.

(Early access starts December 6th.

Challenge kicks off January 10th.)

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The Abundance Challenge is BACK!

This January, we (Sarah and Maggie) are bringing back our 30-day experience to foster healthy habits based on your goals and your place in the process. We've recreated the challenge with additional components, new features, and even greater ease to implement into your life!

What makes this an Abundance Challenge?

We selected the word “abundance” on purpose. This challenge isn’t about restriction. It’s not about losing. It’s only as much of a “challenge” as you want it to be. Above all, this is about building habits that feel additive to your life. Habits you want to maintain.

We are your guides for 30 days, focusing on the basics: nutrition, movement, and recovery. You’ll have digital connection to every other individual who’s going on this 30-day journey through our internal app. Through this platform you can track things like sleep, hydration, and workouts.

You’ll receive meal prep guides & inspiration from us weekly.

If you sign up before January 1, you’ll also receive a complimentary 1:1 goal check-in session with one of your coaches.

Starting January 10, we'll have 4 weeks of live workouts on Sunday morning (which will be recorded too).

We are so excited about the evolution of the Abundance Challenge, and we can’t wait to get this 30-day journey started with you!

What’s new about January 2021’s program?

We heard you loud and clear after the first iteration of the Abundance Challenge in August 2020! In addition to making a challenge that meets you where you are, we’re creating more opportunities to connect with us and with each other through live meet-ups. Zoom cameras on is encouraged & we invite you to stay after the workout to ask us any questions and check in with us about how the challenge is going for you!

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What exactly is in store for you over the course of this Abundance Challenge?

  • 30 days of community + connection among Maggie and Sarah, your coaches, and all the other participants
  • Access to the Blueberry Method app to track your health metrics and learn from your progress week after week
  • Access to the full library of on-demand workouts & workout demos, mobility and yoga classes from Movement with Maggie
  • 4 live classes (60-minute workout, time for Q&A and time for community-building) on Sunday mornings at 9:30am CT (these will be recorded if you cannot make them!)
  • Featured weekly workouts and yoga to keep you inspired
  • 10 Days of meal inspirations, shopping lists and meal prep timelines
  • Weekly emails every Sunday with clear and actionable steps for your week
  • Members-only social platform to connect with other challengers and like-minded folks via our mobile app
  • Weekly drops of accountability and motivations inside the app
  • Optional leaderboard for a little healthy competition
  • Optional accountability buddy grouping to help you stay on-track in between weekly sessions
  • Continued access to MaggieUmberger.com workouts for 30 days after the challenge wraps up
  • 1:1 goal setting session with one of your coaches if you sign up before January 1, 2021 **Must be registered before January 1, 2021 to receive this benefit.
I'm Ready.  Let's Do This!

(we will follow-up with an email with everything you need to get started)

  • Wednesday, January 6th: Final day to sign up
  • Sunday, January 10: First group workout live via Zoom at 9:30am CT
  • Sunday, January 17: 2nd group workout live via Zoom at 9:30am CT
  • Sunday, January 24: 3rd group workout live via Zoom at 9:30am CT
  • Sunday, January 31: Final group workout live via Zoom at 9:30am CT

In between each weekly workout, in-app check-ins, inspirations & connections to help you stay on track with your goals

(we will follow-up with an email with everything you need to get started)

How do you sign up?

  • Register by hitting one of the pink buttons on this page.
  • You'll get an email to take care of payment as soon as you register. Investment is $99 for members ($129 for non-members)

Already a member at MaggieUmberger.com or a client of Sarah’s?

Email us about getting set up with member pricing for $99

Let’s talk about payment plans:

We’ve got you covered, whatever you need to make it work for you. Reach out to Maggie to set up a payment plan that suits your needs (maggie@maggieumberger.com)

But wait, there’s more!

We have a few scholarships to give away for the challenge beginning January 10! Just fill out this short application!

(we will follow-up with an email with everything you need to get started)

Why should you sign up early?

The best advice I received about training for a triathlon is that you need time to “train to train.” It helps to set yourself up for success by getting your mindset focused on what you want to work towards and on when it’s time for the challenge to begin. As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to MaggieUmberger.com, early access to all workouts & all the meal prep guides so you can get a head start on planning or trying out what works best for you. 

Not to mention, by signing up before January 1, 2021, you have access to book a 20-minute goal setting session/check-in with Sarah or Maggie!

Have questions for us? 

Hit us up! Reach out to Maggie at maggie@maggieumberger.com, or Sarah at sarah@abundelicious.com

Photo of Sarah Philipp

Sarah Philipp

Founder of Abundelicious, CHC

As a holistic health and wellness coach, I help my clients understand the entanglements they have with emotional eating and diet culture.  We find the foods, habits and movement that allow them to reach their wellness goals and thrive.

Consistency in practicing these things that serve us well is as important as discovering them.  I help my clients curate a daily routine that is both empowering and manageable.  I also provide daily accountability, so they can make this new routine second nature and sustainable. 


Maggie Umberger Photo

Maggie Umberger

NASM CPT | ACE | RYT-500 | FRC® Mobility Specialist 

If you take a yoga or workout class with me, you’ll likely hear me close out our time together reminding you how grateful I am you chose to show up for yourself, and that you carved out the time, because it wouldn’t be the same without you here. That’s how I feel about you being a part of this program, right here and right now. I am a yoga instructor, personal trainer, group fitness trainer, corrective exercise specialist and Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist in Chicago. No matter the type of movement, I aim to make it accessible and fun. Through intelligently designed sequencing, I hope to create the space for you to move safely, breathe more deeply, and feel better long after the workout ends.